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City of Cape Town Mitchell’s plain WWTW

Daily Treatment Capacity

Because of the industrial energy, control and instrumentation expertise within Energy Partners, we were successful in being awarded this project. An inlet works forms an extremely critical part of the operation of a wastewater treatment works, and proper planning was essential to ensure minimum downtime in operations during the construction. This was especially important during the switchover to the new extended electrical substation.

DATE: 2016-Present

LOCATION: Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town

PROJECT SIZE: Treatment capacity of 45 MLD of raw sewage per day

TECHNOLOGY: A complete new inlet works (Low level Inlet works) was constructed in parallel with the existing (High level Inlet works). The existing electrical infrastructure was extended with a new substation of increased capacity, and a new, single Motor Control Centre (MCC) was designed to replace the existing High-level works MCC, and supply both the existing as well as the new sections of plant. The automation was performed via a PLC, with operator monitoring via both a local Human Machine Interface (HMI) as well as a remote SCADA system


Project Background

The City of Cape Town, Water and Sanitation department operates 26 Wastewater Treatment Works in the Cape Town Metropole, of which Mitchell’s Plain WWTW is one of the 8 larger plants. This WWTW has a treatment capacity of 45 MLD of raw sewage per day. Due to the increase in flow because of population growth in the Mitchell’s Plain area, the capacity of the plant inlet works had to be increased. This extension included the renovation of the existing inlet works, as well as the construction of a second parallel channel. Energy Partners was appointed as the electrical sub consultant to the main process consulting engineers, and was responsible for all electrical, instrumentation and control work involved with this project.