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Large Commercial

Our innovative engagement models have been proven in the industry. EP Solar currently presides over the largest rooftop Commercial/Industrial PPA portfolio in Africa. Our team of more than 80 people is multi-skilled across engineering and finance and we have the largest in-house operational team in South Africa, capable of building more than 3 MWp per month.


Workmanship: 2 years

System Performance: 25 Years

System Components: 10 years

Solar PV Operation & Maintenance

We are dedicated to the on-ongoing performance of the systems we maintain. We offer a comprehensive performance guarantee on actual annual generation (with plenty clauses for under - performance). Our own plans have consistently outperformed our generation targets and our clients are reaping the rewards of accurate generation simulation and achievement.

We own more than 40% of our total installed footprint (>40 MWp) and thus invested in building a world - class Solar PV Operation & Maintenance team. Red Seal Electricians, working at heights, qualified safety representatives and first aid qualifications are among our highly skilled O&M team.

We monitor and prevent:

Soiling, fouling and pollution: minus 40% system performance

Microcracks and PID: minus 16% system performance

Physical Damage: minus 8% system performance